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Student Spotlight


Tanesha Conner

Fall 2018

“Do the thing that excites you, even if it scares you or you’re afraid you can’t do it.”

What area of study are you specializing in?  
My area of study is Graphic Design, which includes illustrating and layout design.

What or who inspired you to pursue this career?  
Someone asked me, “Outside of work and life’s responsibilities, what is it that you spend the most time doing? Whatever that is, is your passion.” I was spending hours looking at art and design online and in magazines, not even realizing that I could pursue a career in that area until my neighbor’s girlfriend told me that she was a Graphic Designer. As soon as she said that something in me lit up and I knew I had to find out more about this field. It took about three years before I went to school and decided on this major but here I am and I love it.

When will you graduate? What do you plan to do after graduation?
I graduate in the Spring of 2019. I may go right into pursuing a bachelor’s degree or begin building my business at that time.

What is/was your favorite class and why?  
My favorite class was Typography with Jamin Garoutte. We got to learn about the anatomy of letters and how their placement, style, and size impact an overall design. As a small child I loved letters and I would find myself visually tracing letters on signage everywhere I went all the way up through adulthood. I knew this class would satisfy my hunger for knowledge in this area.

How much time do you spend studying outside of class? Where is your favorite place to study?
For every class I take, I spend about 3-5 hours studying outside of class each week. I like studying/working on projects at coffee shops the most. Being around other people inspires new ideas and gives me energy to create. The coffee helps too.

What high school did you attend and if appropriate what kinds of classes prepared you for success in this career?  
I attended Concord High School in Elkhart. None of the classes I took directly prepared me for success in this career. I did take an art class though, that opened my eyes to the difficulty of meeting a deadline in a creative field. Your art is never really done. There is always something you’ll want to change or improve and when you have a deadline or a due date that fact can get in the way.

Do you have any advice for your peers? Life Quote?
My advice is to do the thing that excites you, even if it scares you or you’re afraid you can’t do it. Push through the fear and go for it. Ask for help when needed, you don’t have to do everything alone. Our careers and scholastic pursuits are important and valuable but remember to keep what’s most important first (God, family, friends, your health) and everything else will fall into place.

Is there anything else you wish to share?  
It’s great to appreciate the work of other designers and to be inspired by them, but try not to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to them in an unhealthy way. You have something special and distinct to offer because you yourself are special and distinct!

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