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Graphic Design Workspace

Graphic Design

The art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.

Color Blocks Painting

Design Fundamentals

CATALOG DESCRIPTION:  This course introduces students to fundamental design theory.  Investigations into design theory and color dynamics will provide experiences in applying design theory, ideas and creative problem solving, critical peer evaluation, and presentation skills.



CATALOG DESCRIPTION: An introductory course which addresses the issues pertinent to the proper and creative use of type and the enhancement of communication.  Covers the history of type, typographic terminology, design, attention to aesthetics, common sense, and how we read. Projects emphasize an appreciation of and the practical use of type.

Logo Design

Graphic Design I

CATALOG DESCRIPTION:  Provides introductory instruction in design for communication.  Teaches design process as a means to develop effective communications for global, corporate, and social application. Produces samples for student portfolios, which may include elements or comprehensive projects in logo, stationery, posters, newspaper, magazine, billboard, and interface design, etc.

Design Magazine

Graphic Design II

CATALOG DESCRIPTION:  Provides intermediate instruction in design for communication. Further explores design theory by applying concepts to achieve meaningful marketing and advertising results. Produces samples for student portfolios, which may include elements or comprehensive projects appropriate to trade/industrial advertising, brochures, flyers, pamphlets, posters, direct mail and/or consumer magazine advertising/branding, etc.


Graphic Design III

CATALOG DESCRIPTION:  Provides advanced instruction and experience with design projects/branding identity, which communicate a common theme or campaign through several different media – magazine, billboard, radio, television, direct mail, brochures, point of purchase, sales promotions and/or package design, etc. Produces samples for student portfolios.


Drawing for Visualization

CATALOG DESCRIPTION:  Introduces students to the tools and methods of drawing.  Presents drawing as a catalyst to seeing and a way of recording ideas.  Gives students the necessary drawing preparation for the study of design.

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