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Web UX Media

The process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and efficiency of user interaction with websites

Designer Notebook

UX/UI Design

CATALOG DESCRIPTION:  This course builds on the concepts, definitions, and methodologies learned in the introductory course. Students will apply the user experience and user interface concepts/methodologies in real-world, project based scenarios. Provides an opportunity for students to produce portfolio quality work. 


Mobile App I

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This course brings together the skills learned in Web Design I, and Interactive Media I in the design and creation of simple mobile applications (apps). Students will implement XHTML/HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript to synthesize example mobile apps designed to run on current mobile computing devices. The focus of this course is to show the relationships between technologies that enable the creation of these applications, including current frameworks that aid in their development, with an emphasis on CSS (visual presentation) and Javascript (behavior).

Digital social media

Intro to Web & Social Media

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: An introductory level course that focuses on the tools, strategies, and techniques for interactive design and emerging technologies. Explores the process of integrating text, graphics audio, and video for effective communication of information.

Travel Blogs

Experience/Interface UX/UI

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: An introductory course that exposes students to the tools, methodology, processes, and design thinking required for effective experience design. Establishes a comprehensive mindset in students for the end users’ needs. Through case studies of a variety of real world projects, examines the practical application of experience design. Defines the field and various employment opportunities. 

Mobile App Design

Mobile App II

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This course expands the concepts and skills from App Design I in the design and creation of a custom mobile web application. Students will propose a custom mobile web application, provide wireframes/ prototypes, create working model(s), perform user testing, and provide full documentation for the app. Upon completion, students will have a comprehensive understanding of the mobile web application development cycle, as well as a commercial-ready mobile web application for distribution.

doing work together

Digital Process and Workflow

CATALOG DESCRIPTION:  This course focuses on the issues of digital process and workflow in the visual communications industry. Emphasis is placed on successful creative problem-solving skills, production of multi-media solutions, and working in a team environment. Topics covered include video and sound, digital photography solutions (studio and location), graphic design, graphic print production, printing technologies, file management and various forms of interactive media.

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