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Photographer Kay Westhues

Sept 18th, 2012 – Photographer Kay Westhues – Well Stories

Posted on September 6, 2012 by admin

Sept 18th – Photographer Kay Westhues – Talk Well Stories – 4:30 pm Well Stories is a project about our relationship with the water we drink. For over a year now, Kay has been photographing and videotaping old artesian wells and the people who visit them. Kay will be showing her photographs digitally in the SOFAD Gallery and talking about her experience on the project. Kay Westhues is a photographer who is interested in documenting the ways in which rural tradition and history are interpreted and transformed in the present day. She is co-owner of and curator for Artpost in South Bend, Indiana, a gallery and performance space that specializes in regional contemporary and folk art ( Kay studied photography at Rhode Island School of Design and has a BS degree in Photography and Ethnocentrism from the Individualized Major Program (1994) and an MS in Instructional Systems Technology (1998) from Indiana University, Bloomington. Kay is an adjunct instructor at Ivy Tech, she is currently teaching Web Design 1. Visit her website, to read more about Kay and her work.

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