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Matthew Madden

Posted on February 19, 2020 

Fully understand and master your program of choice.

What area are you specializing in within Visual Communications?  
I am specializing in graphic design with a secondary focus in photography.  

What inspired you to pursue a career in Visual Communications?  
I have always been an artist of sorts.  My earliest memories are full of me drawing or painting.  So, when my first career end abruptly I decided to finally follow my dreams and become a graphic designer.

When will you graduate? What do you plan to do after graduation?  
I will graduate in spring of 2018. After that, I will try to find a job as a graphic designer.  

What is was your favorite class and why?  
My favorite class has to be typography. I never appreciate the beauty that can be found in the form of letters, or how the layout of type can enhance a piece. It was also in typography that I really fell in love with graphic design.  I to this day recommend that class to anyone who comes to me for scheduling advice

What high school did you attend and if appropriate what kinds of classes prepared you for success in VisCom?  
I attend Penn High school. During my time, there I took a lot of art electives. Particular ceramics and painting. These class gave me a firm grounding in the basics of design theory. Particular in regards to color theory.

Who is your favorite artist and why?  My favorite artist is Claude Monet. He is my favorite artist because of his mastery of color. His work such as the Rouen Cathedral series still inspires me to this day. He is one of the greatest artist of his time and it is a shame he is not well known in modern time.

What is your favorite advertisement?  My favorite Ad has to be Apples: Get a Mac ad campaign which ran in 2006. This is because of the ads clever dialog and its effective use of comparison in order to get there point across. You know it a good ad when you remember it ten years after it ran on tv.  Also it made me laugh out loud more than a few times. So bonus points for that.

What is your favorite Adobe Application and how is it used? My favorite Adobe application is InDesign. This is because InDesign is the program that gets you a job. Knowing how to layout a sixteen-page newsletter will make you valuable in the printing industry. While it is not the fanciest of the Adobe programs it is the most practical. 

Do you have any advice for your fellow designers/artists?  My advice to my fellow designer takes time to fully understand and master your program of choice. Your skill level in using these programs will help determine how successful you are as a designer and as a student

Is there anything else you wish to share? I would like to thank the professors at Ivy Tech who helped me become the desinger I am today. 

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