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Mandi Treiber

Posted on February 19, 2020 

“Follow your passion early on in life”

Student Spotlight – Fall 2015 -Mandi Treiber

Posted on October 27, 2015 by admin

SoFAD Student Spotlight

Mandi Treiber

“Being able to see the world gives me deep passion to share and create what I see.”


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What area are you specializing in within Visual Communications?
I am specializing in commercial photography, with a focus on commercial food photography.

What inspired you to pursue a career in Visual Communications?
Since I was little, I’ve had a desire to create new things. Since then, that desire has grown and shaped me into the artist I am today. Being able to see the world gives me a deep passion to share and create what I see.
When will you graduate? What do you plan to do after graduation?
I’m looking to graduate in the Spring or next Fall semester, and plan to seek out a commercial food industry that will allow me to bring out the beauty and potential of that company’s products and creative goals.
What is/was your favorite class? Why?
My favorite class by far was Commercial Photography. I was able to explore my own creativity in how I presented products around me. I was able to bring out the true potential of each product I photographed. I grew not only as an artist. but also as a person. My true passion was in photography. I also loved seeing how all of my classmates grew and developed their own talent.
What high school did you attend and if appropriate what kinds of classes prepared you for success in Visual Communications?
I attended Tippecanoe Valley High School located in Indiana. Here, I took design, art, and computer classes that allowed me a head start in the design world and design programs I use today.
Who is your favorite artist? Why?
Annabelle Breakey is a well known commercial photographer who has created many professional and inspirational works of art. Her photography inspires me to continue looking at not only photography differently, but a new angle to express it.
What is your favorite advertisement?
My favorite advertisements is Baskin BR Robbins. The way they use creativity and food together to create many professional, beautiful, and mouth watering food commercial photographs and design work is over all, impressive.
What is your favorite Adobe Application and how is it used?
Photoshop is by far my favorite because it allows me to correct, enhance, and create effective works of art and photography in my field. It gives me options to improve my skills in photography and editing.
Is there anything else you wish to share?
Art is an expression of how you see the world around you, and describes who you are. Don’t be envious of other artists because they design differently, but take a form of art you enjoy and make it yours through your own personality and talent.

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