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Art Gallery


Colleen McCahill Exhibit

Monday through Thursday, 9 am–9 pm |  Friday: 9 am–5 pm

CLOSED ON Saturdays & Sunday


Hours may vary during shows & Special events.

Masks MUST be on at all times and maintain social distancing.

LEFT OUT Photography Exhibition 3/4 - 3/29

Photos by Calleen McCahill

I explore the “everyday” that often goes unnoticed. My goal as an artist is to create internal narratives between the viewer and the photographic image. These narratives serve to authentic the understanding of timelessness and our perception of the life around us. 

About Colleen:

Colleen grew up in Indiana, and at an early age showed an interest in art. She graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art. Upon graduating she ventured West, to pacify her urge of travel and to experience a broader exchange of the world outside the Midwest. 


After having worked in several creative arenas, and met some amazing artists, she was inspired to return to Indiana to pursue her artwork full time. Colleen focuses her lens on a variety of subjects capturing personality and essence while showing them off in an interesting and unique way.


Colleen is currently works as the Gallery Director at Ivy Tech Community College & is assisting to create a new gallery space in the Michiana area. In addition to exploring photographic and art exhibit opportunities.

Colleen's Website

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